Pleasant*Wood SSMM Hwinsong

Pleasant*Wood SSMM Hwinsong, 3 yrs old, 2nd Lactation. July 2018

Pleasant*Wood SSMM Hwinsong
DOB: 3/22/15    ID# AA1748863

Sire:*B Spinning Spider Mohave Madison
SS:++*B SG Cherry Glen TRI Mojave LA EEE 91
SD: SGCH Spinning Spider NC Islandzadi 1*M LA EEEE 92
Dam: Pleasant*Wood D Hwin

DS: +*B Walnut Fork K Distraction LA 87 V++
DD: Pleasant*Wood GE Sundance

Song is a maturing into a lovely doe. Freshening with twins, she jumped in to her 2018 lactation. She was producing more than her first lactation’s peak at one week fresh! Song’s 2018 doeling has been retained.

Chorus and Lyric are Song daughters.

Song now lives with a friend in Eastern VA.

July 2018

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Pleasant*wood SSMM Hwinsong

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