Pleasant*Wood KBTK Chorus

Pleasant*Wood KBTK Chorus, Dec. 2023

Pleasant*Wood KBTK Chorus
DOB: 3/19/2018   ID#AA1963009

Sire: Kori-Brook Tierro Kristof
SS: ++*B SGCH Shahena’ko Sumo Tierro
SD: CH Kori-Brook WFG Crazy Kaya LA VEVE 89
Dam: Pleasant*Wood SSMM Hwinsong
DS: *B Spinning Spider Mohave Madison
DD: Pleasant*Wood D Hwin

 Corrie is broad, lovely doe. While most likely not a great show winner, she is an honest homestead milker.  She milks nicely and her production is good ( 8-10 pounds at peak depending on the year). She is easier to keep in a good body condition than many and is generally not a fussy eater.  Corrie is very motherly and her kids tend to have great instincts too. Her kids are normally some of my favorites. Her 2022 doeling, Nessie, has been retained!

Due to our need to keep our herd small, Corrie will be available for sale after kidding.
For this same reason Corrie’s 2023 daughter, Cantada, is also for sale.

Sept. 2021

Rear Udder, April 2021

September 2020 (not uddered)

April 2020

July 2019

July 2019

July 2018