Pleasant*Wood D Hwin

8 Years old, 4th lactation, Five months fresh.

September 2013: 8 Years old, 4th Lactation, Five months fresh.

 Pleasant*Wood D Hwin
4/16/2005-3/22/2015      ID# AA1351826

Sire:+*B Walnut-Fork K. Distraction
SS: *B SG Walnut-Fork Sun Kenyan
SD: GCH Walnut-Fork T. Darlene Express 7*M LA 89 EEEV
Dam: Pleasant*Wood GE Sundance
DS:+*B Walnut-Fork R. Group Effort  LA 87 V++
DD: Pleasant*Wood Xtreme’s Misty

 Hwin is a favorite! A nice doe-  smooth and well put together. Her udder attachments are a improvement over her dam’s and are quite nice. She is easily milked out and although her production is not as heavy as her dam’s (peaking around 13-14lbs daily),  she has the will to milk.  She has milked 4 extended lactations, some over 24 months long.   Hwin sustained a  severe tendon  injury as a yearling leaving her with  a weak  left hind pastern -and  subsequently stressed right hind pastern.

We lost Hwin and her buckling during kidding 3/22/15, Her doeling is doing well and will be retained.  Hwin will be greatly missed.

Fourth Freshening, 2 months fresh

Fourth freshening, 2 Months fresh

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Five years old, 3rd Freshening.

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Four years old, 2nd Freshening

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Two years old, First Freshening.