Pleasant*Wood Kiev’s Tekoah

Pleasant*Wood Kiev’s Tekoah, 8yrs old, 6th lactation.  July 2018

Pleasant*Wood Kiev’s Tekoah
DOB: 6/8/2010     ID# AA1533389

 Sire: *B SG Mt Zion Khartoum Kiev
SS: ++*B SG Walnut-Fork XE Khartoum LA 91 EEE
SD: SGCH Mt Zion CH Prudence 6*M LA 92 EEEE
Dam: Pleasant*Wood D Hwin
DS: +*B Walnut-Fork K. Distraction
DD: Pleasant*Wood GE Sundance

Tekoah is dry after milking an extended lactation from March 2019- June 2021. She milks well, holds production well and passes those traits to her offspring.  She is our herd Matriarch and is enjoying some much earned, time off.

Tenuto and Triplet are Tekoah daughters.

Aug. 2017,  16 mo fresh

July 2016

IMG_3436 (2)sm

June 2016

June 2015, 4th Freshing, 3 months fresh.

June 2015

July 2014

May 2013

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November 2011