Kid and Sales Policy

Sales Policy


For those interested in purchasing a Pleasant Wood kid, we offer reservations as well as an option for notifications of available kids.

For reservations please contact us with information regarding the specific breeding and kid (eg. buck or doe) you are interested in reserving. We  accept 2 reservations for both doe and buck kids for a given breeding. Reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. 1st Reservations are filled before  2nd reservations.   *There is no fee to reserve a Pleasant Wood kid.*

We offer a email notification list for those who maybe interested in our animals.  When kids become available or available kids are born, we will contact those on the list with the details.  All participants will be notified at approximately the same time- kids will be sold on a first come-first-served basis .

After a sale has been confirmed, we request a deposit of $100 (non- refundable) to hold the kid for up to 3 weeks unless other arrangements have been made.  The remaining amount is due at pick up.  If the buyer does not have goat experience and goat’s milk available to finish the bottle feeding process we are happy to raise the kid through weaning. We are not able to offer this for free, however. Please contact us for pricing.  Prices listed are guaranteed for those who have reserved kids picked up by 1 month of age only.  Pick up agreements are made on individual basis and we are happy to work with you.  However, please make every effort to keep confirmed pickup arrangements.

We are happy to work with you and any particular needs or desires you may have.  Please contact us with any questions.

All sales are final and animals are sold “as is.”

We reserve the right to retain any kid for our herd.

Other details on our animals

All kids will be disbudded, unless a specific request is made by the buyer and the kid has been paid for in full (non-refundable).  Kids are disbudded very young, if you would like a horned kid please contact me as special arrangements must be made and completed before the kid is born.
Please note: We do our best to thoroughly disbud our kids, but we do not guarantee animals we sell to be free of scurs. If you have concerns regarding scurs please talk to us about them.

Bucklings without a reservation may not be left intact long after birth, if you are interested in a buckling please contact us!

Buck kids out of first fresheners will be held until the kid, the dam’s udder and her production has been evaluated. If we have any reason to question the dam’s form or production, the buckling will be available without papers or wethered only.

Unless kids do not meet our standards for quality, an ADGA registration application will be provided for eligible kids. The buyer will be responsible for registration and transfer fees.

If you have any questions, please ask!


When visiting Pleasant Wood:

  When you visit or come to pick up an animal, we ask that you wear clean clothing and shoes that have not been worn around other goats or livestock.  Also, we ask that you do not enter the pens. We are happy to bring out any animal you wish to see more closely. The health of our herd -and yours- is important to us!  Thank-you!

Updated 2022